A handy list of three upcoming trends

Fashion, as it is often said, is like a hungry lion which devours and digests the “now” in the blink of an eye and then, continues to linger and roam about, looking for the next best thing. Fortunately, the social media features of “hashtags” or “trending” make data more readily available to us than ever, and we are effectively able to predict the trends that will sweep through the fashion industry in the near future.

Here’s a list of the top upcoming trends in fashion, to help you grab a sneak peak at them and prepare your wardrobe, to always keep you in fashion.

     1.Athluxury is the new Athleisure:


It may seem like 2016’s biggest trend has run its course, but it really has just upgraded identities from athleisure to athluxury. The foundation for athleisure was activewear brands like Under Armour, Champion, and Adidas. It’s the point where activewear fully merges with regular streetwear, but is then elevated to a higher level, which is a lot more sophisticated and classy. It’s at the intersection of athleticwear and luxury. It results in chic, polished pieces that are versatile but still elegant enough to not be mistaken for your gym look. Glittery track pants, upgraded sweatsuits and plush hoodies, classy tracksuits are the way to go for athluxury.


     2.Psychotropical and Surf-Gypsy:

‘Psychotropical’ is an offshoot of the evergreen ‘Psychedelic’ movement. Its dominant features are vivacious palettes, vivid tropical designs and prints created by methods of digital engineering, and inspiration drawn from nature (like sunsets and tropical undergrowth). Psychotropical apparel, beauty, and accessories are represented by a “hyper-real” perception of nature. According to Worth Global Style Network forecast for 2018, the Spring/Summer season will be heavily influenced by the Psychotropical trend.

Synthetic forms of lush  and verdant botaniacal themes take on a heightened, almost synthetic form, and motifs have a hallucinogenic quality.Deep and saturated colours, and the juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made creates an rare tension that feels new for the season.

The ‘Surf-Gypsy’ trend, an offshoot of ‘Bohemianism’, is inspired by global travels to beach destinations. The Surf-Gypsy aesthetic includes rainbow-hued collections that feature a relaxed, surf-inspired vibe. It embraces an extremely vivid palette that features all the colours of the rainbow in a single outfit, as well as typical beach fare like swimwear, sarongs, and cover-ups.

Combined, the Psychotropical and Surf-Gypsy trends are set to dominate the emerging trends. The mixture of hyper-reality and nature is a truly unique contrast that is predicted to have an impact on men’s and women’s wear, footwear, beachwear, and beauty, among others.

3.The Last Leather:

Leather is soon to make a revolutionary comeback, with brands such as Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Proenza Schouler featuring black, patent leather sexy silhouettes for modern mistresses, as if in tribute to Trinity, the Matrix character and Maison Margiela, Hermès and Prada featuring men’s leather trousers for the Spring/Summer 2017-18 runways. Leather is here to stay. For good.


So load up your wardrobe following these upcoming trends and you’ll be good to rock the streets, always in vogue. Happy shopping!


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