Best ways to shop on a budget!

Best ways to shop on a budget!

Do you relate too much to Rebecca Bloomwood from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’?

Do you find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, which is bursting at the seams, and regretting the black hole in your pocket too often?

Well, here are a few tips to help you from spiralling down to guilt after your shopping sprees. Follow these tips to considerably cut down on your shopping budget and still look as chic and trendy as ever!



  • Spend less on basics:

Stop buying branded innerwear. Buy generic tank tops, camisoles and vests. Instead, invest in clothes whose brands are actually visible. Generic innerwear will still serve the basic purpose of keeping sweat off your expensive clothes or adding an extra layer to them.


  • Buy quality clothing:

Buy more expensive clothes to save more. Cheap clothes will temporarily save you some money but they don’t last long. Good quality clothing last in the long run- the seams stay, the colour doesn’t fade and they don’t develop lint.


  • Use the one-in-one-out rule:

Have a fixed number of pieces for every type of clothing-a fixed number of trousers, jeans, shirts, skirt or jackets. Buy one item only when one of the fixed ones is worn out and needs to be replaced. The idea is to only buy an item to replace an item.  This will keep a constant check on your purse.


  • Accessorize:

Belts, scarves and jewellery work wonders in transforming an ordinary outfit to an oomph one. Experiment outfits with different accessories, mix and match to reinvent a look several times. Accessories=Investment!


  • Shop for opposite seasons:

Utilise season sales. Shop winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. It’s tempting to buy pre-season clothes, but you’ll end up paying the maximum price for them. Instead, wait for the End-Of-Season Sales.


  • Shop for the life you have NOW:

Let’s face it, we all buy aspirational clothing. Clothes that we’ll wear on that vacation that we never take, clothes for the high-end cocktail party we’ll never get invited to, or simply clothes which we’ll wear when we lose some weight (like clothes are going to fix those extra kilos!). Buy clothes for the life you’re living now, not the one that you want to live. Aspirational clothing will only increases expenses.


  • Tone down on trends:

If you’re constantly following the trend, you’ll end up spending more in keeping your wardrobe up-to-date. Instead, buy more of classics, like t-shirts, jeans and shirts which are always in. They can be layered up or accessorized to create a new look every time. Wear clothes that you like and actually look good in, instead of simply following trends.




  • Follow the Rule of 3:


Before buying something, just follow ‘The Rule of 3’-The item must go with at least 3 other items that are already present in your wardrobe and 3 reasons why you should buy the item. If any of the criteria remains unfulfilled, don’t buy it. Just don’t.



Just follow these simple rules while shopping to see a significant cut in your shopping budget. Happy shopping!



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