How Do I Take My Outfit Pictures

Almost everyone gets dressed everyday. Whether it is wearing a simple outfit like a T-shirt and some jeans or going all-out with different articles of clothing along with accessories like jewelries, shades, hats, scarves, belts etc.

Now when someone is ‘Dressed in their Best’ they would most probably want to take a picture of themselves and maybe save as memories or as of how this generation works, post it as an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) on social media and share it with friends and family.

Here are some Tips and tricks for taking the perfect pictures of your outfit.

1) Mirror Selfies

This type of “Photography” is very popular now and is one of the easiest ways of taking pictures of an outfit. All you need is a mirror (preferably a full length one) and a good quality camera, which can either be a DSLR, Digital or a phone camera or any other type.

(Note: While taking a mirror selfie on your phone, make sure that your flash is ‘off’ because the flash will reflect back and the picture may not look that pleasing).

2) Lighting

Light is the most important part in taking a picture, whether it is taking a picture of a sceneries, or food or even outfits. Without light there will obviously be no picture since you won’t be able to see anything.

Using natural sunlight is one of the best options since you don’t need to pay for it. If your taking a picture of your outfit in a room, make sure that the room has a big window or many of them and that the room is well lit.

3) Poses

Different people have different poses, which they feel they look good in. So, practicing different poses in front of a mirror is the best way to prepare yourself for your Outfit Pictures since your whole body will be seen in it. Also, instead of just looking to the camera, try doing different things like laugh or play with your hair to get that “candid” picture.

4) Camera

Choose a camera, which provides a picture of good quality. It isn’t always necessary that you must have a professional DSLR. Your camera phone will work absolutely fine.

6) Location

Find a location to take pictures and one, which complements your outfit. Even a simple white wall will look great since white complements all colors.

5) Background

The background of your pictures is just as important. I think having a clean and bright background is the best. Even solid colored walls give a great result in pictures.

If you only want your outfit to stand out, try blurring the background by using a photo editing app or site and by this your outfit will become the main focus.

If you happen to take a picture of your outfit but you are not happy with the background, then simply crop out the excess.

6) Angles

Try to take pictures in different angles and not just one. Don’t forget to take a LOT of pictures, whether it is someone else who is taking them for you or it’s just you because then you will have many options to choose from.


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