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5 Pieces Of Fashion Material To Invest In


Investment in our wardrobe is an investment made on ourselves. While fashion changes every year and trends come and go, there are some basic fashion products that are classic and smart buys. These products outlast the fads and are often turned to when we face the age-old dilemma of having nothing to wear. They are a saviour when you need to look glam without putting in much effort and hence you need to invest in these timeless products-

  1. LBD

The little black dress has been and will always be a staple wardrobe piece for the versatility it provides and its simplicity. It is like a blank slate that you can style and accessorise in any way imaginable. When you have 20 minutes or less to get ready or are unable to decide upon a look, that little black dress will always come handy. Kuddos to it for the times it saved us in those indecisive moments! So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your LBD, pair it with black pumps and flaunt your red lipstick to look impeccable at that event.



  1. Plain White T-shirt


A plain white t-shirt is most certainly a must have piece, it is an equivalent to an LBD for non-party events. You can wear it to work, a casual outing with friends or on a date, if you style it right. The best thing about a PWT is that it goes with almost anything. Wearing it with denim jeans can provide you with a simple and carefree look while pairing it with a high waited skirt and a jacket can give you a quirky edge. It is all about the way you style it and carry it. You can experiment all you want, for it fails to fail and hence, it is a must invest piece for all the fashion lovers out there. Must try: Plain white t-shirt with cropped cardigan and pointed stilettos.




  1. Leather Jacket


One essential winter wardrobe investment that comes to our mind without even thinking is a well-fitted leather jacket. On cool winter days, it protects you from the cold and it is definitely an international symbol of awesome. The best part about a leather product is that a good one is bound to last forever, and a leather jacket is surprisingly timeless. Wear any t-shirt or sweater and pair it with a leather jacket to make a bold statement. Boots along with the same will only give your outfit the ultimate edge. (So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website- http://www.noora-international.biz/ and select from a variety of leather jackets.)

  1. Scarves

The secret of a fashionable woman lies not only in her outfit but also in the accessories she chooses to go with it. And what’s more handy that a scarf? Scarves sound like a minute detail but they can enhance the look of an outfit and prove to be trendy without much effort. You can wear it as a belt around your waist, tie them to the strap of your bag or casually drop them around your shoulders. The trick to flaunting a scarf lies in choosing one that goes perfectly with our look and tying it gracefully. ‘The Necklace’ is a must try scarf knot which requires you to fold a long scarf in half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over your neck, then twist it and loop again.


  1. Watch

Formal parries, night outs or even weddings, watches are not only a mere time keeping device but also an indispensable fashion accessory. Watches can become your fashion symbol and give an elegant look to an outfit. Investing in the perfect watch that represents your style is a must-do. Watches need not be worn stand-alone, you can pair them up with a bracelet and/ or rings to get a unique and trendy look.

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